Organization Committee


Dear Friends,

We believe that the consumer law development and understanding consciousness is now at a higher level in our country.

The imagination of our contribution to the widespread and development of consumer law satisfies us. We are grateful to you for encouraging the members of the Institute with the value and interest that you have given to the work done.

In the questionnaires we conducted in the previous congress and at the end of the congress, we are happy to see that those who are happy and happy to participate are pointing out that we have walked in the right direction and striving to work faster and actively on behalf of "developing consumer law".

The Institute is continuing its Consumer Law Conventions, which it has tried to make traditional, with an idealistic consciousness in order to develop the law. However, in order for a quality job to be uncovered, such a project that has a very high budget must be able to finance itself as a material. For this reason, we are already apologizing for the monetary business demanded within the project, and we seek refuge by asking you to know that the project is not "profit-oriented".

We will work hard to make the Consumer Law Congress a law festival.

We will be pleased to see our esteemed friends among us as a result of these efforts.

Av. Hakan TOKBAŞ
Consumer Law Congress